UltraFire Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Stored Pressure, Wet Chemical Extinguishers suitable for Class A & F Fires

Designed to tackle Class F fires (cooking fat fires), wet chemical fire extinguishers contain a special solution that expands on contact with the burning fat, cooling and smothering the fire to prevent re-ignition. Wet chemical extinguishers can also be used on Class A fires (burning solids) and can be added to your buildings' fire extinguisher provisioning total.

Suitable for: kitchens, restaurants, hotels, homes, marine

  • Stored pressure fire extinguisher
  • Ratings up to 13A and 75F
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3
  • CE approval
  • MED approval on larger models
  • BAFE approved manufacturing process
  • Supplied with wall bracket
  • Hose with extended lance for use at safe distances
  • 5 year warranty
Fire Rating
Charged Weight
Operating Pressure
Discharge Time
Discharge Range
Cylinder Dimensions (HxDia)
MED Approved
Model 3ltr Wet Chemical
Size 3ltr
Fire Rating 8A, 25F
Charged Weight 5.5kg
Operating Pressure 16 BAR
Discharge Time 30 sec.
Discharge Range 2m
Cylinder Dimensions (HxDia) 490 x 130mm
MED Approved


Model 6ltr Wet Chemical
Size 6ltr
Fire Rating 13A, 75F
Charged Weight 9.3kg
Operating Pressure 16 BAR
Discharge Time 45 - 50 sec.
Discharge Range 2m
Cylinder Dimensions (HxDia) 520 x 161mm
MED Approved Yes