UltraFire Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

Stored Pressure, Water Mist Extinguishers suitable for Class A, B, C and Electrical Fires

Water mist extinguishers can be used on Class A, B, and C fires and on live electrical equipment, as they are tested up to 35,000 Volt and only contain de-ionised water, which cannot conduct electricity. Innovative water mist technology creates a mist curtain of billions of microscopic droplets which cools and smothers the fire, reducing the amount of oxygen available to the fire. As they only contain water there is practically no residue to clean up after discharge, while the low-pressure discharge makes them capable of tackling small Class F cooking fires.

Suitable for: offices, hotels, shops, nurseries, schools, churches, homes, caravans, HMOs, small kitchens, marine

  • Stored pressure fire extinguisher
  • Ratings up to 13A, 21B, and 75F
  • Also suitable for Class C gas fires
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3
  • CE approval
  • MED approval on larger models
  • BAFE approved manufacturing process
  • 35kV dielectrical approval – safe for discharge near live electrics
  • Supplied with wall bracket
  • 5 year warranty
Fire Rating
Charged Weight
Operating Pressure
Discharge Time
Discharge Range
Cylinder Dimensions (HxDia)
MED Approved
Model 1ltr+ Water Mist
Size 1.4ltr
Fire Rating 5A, 8B, 5F
Charged Weight 3.14kg
Operating Pressure 12 BAR
Discharge Time 12.5 sec.
Discharge Range 1.5m
Cylinder Dimensions (HxDia) 402 x 110mm
MED Approved


Model 3ltr Water Mist
Size 3ltr
Fire Rating 8A, 13B, 25F
Charged Weight 7.0kg
Operating Pressure 12 BAR
Discharge Time 32 sec.
Discharge Range 2.1m
Cylinder Dimensions (HxDia) 525 x 161mm
MED Approved Yes


Model 6ltr Water Mist
Size 6ltr
Fire Rating 13A, 21B, 75F
Charged Weight 11.5kg
Operating Pressure 12 BAR
Discharge Time 65 sec.
Discharge Range 2.6m
Cylinder Dimensions (HxDia) 585 x 183mm
MED Approved Yes